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China/USA CHP, CCHP, and DG Sustainable Growth Forum

Combined heat and power (CHP) and Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) are efficient and clean
approaches to generating electric power and useful thermal energy from a single fuel source. CHP and
CCHP systems will likely be the leading distributed generation [DG] choice for microgrids in terms of
capacity over the next five to ten years based on reliability, resiliency and economics.

The United States has been focused on CHP and CCHP development for the past two decades and is also
emerging as a leader on microgrid development after recent climatological events striking its electric grid
and causing severe economic impact.

China is emerging as a world leader in demonstrating energy technologies and is developing a strategic
effort focused on CHP and CCHP systems as a means of significantly reducing pollution and supporting
resilient sustainable development. Guidance on the Deployment of Natural Gas-Based Distributed Energy’
published in October 2011 calls for the deployment of 1,000 natural gas-fired distributed energy projects
in 12th Five Year Plan period, with 5 GW installed capacity by 2015 and 50 GW by 2020.

The need to increase grid resiliency and reliability — as well as the desire to integrate sustainable energy
resources and extend access to basic energy services — is driving interest in CHP/CCHP and microgrids
around the world. Commercial and industrial end users, off-grid and remote communities, and those with
special needs for highly reliable, highly secure energy sources are looking to microgrids as a critical tool for
enhancing the performance of the electric grid.

The Sustainable Growth Forum Venue 1 (Changsha) will take a close look at provincial and city policy issues
along with developing a better understanding of successful CHP/CCHP project development. The
Sustainable Growth Forum Venue 2 (Beijing) is designed to exchange best practices in public policies,
infrastructure development, business model development, financing, technology application and system
operation. Join us for one or both events. To reserve your room(s) at both venues, please contact Broad
USA, Jen Xiong (, they are holding the room blocks and will provide you with official

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