CHP Association

Where to Find CHP

See the map below to view CHP facilities across the U.S.  Each point on the map represents a CHP site (note that the points are semi-transparent, so the darker areas represent a denser concentration of CHP sites).  Rollover points on the map to see the facility location and and it’s name, and click on each point to view more information on the facility.  Zoom controls are on the left side of the map along with the button to make the map fullscreen.  In the top right corner you can enter a location in the search box to go to a specific city or area.  Note that the facility locations are based on general city and town locations and points may not represent exactly where it is but the general location (ex.- a facility listed as located in Brooklyn will have a point in the center of Brooklyn, but the site may actually be anywhere in the Brooklyn area). Zoom out to view Alaska and Hawaii.

SOURCE: CHP Installation Database developed by ICF International for Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the U.S. DOE; 2013. Available at https://doe.icfwebservices.com/chpdb/.


If you are experiencing any issues with the map functionality or have any questions about the map, please email