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Combined Heat and Power

Combined heat and power (CHP) technologies produce both electricity and steam from a single fuel at a facility located near the consumer. These efficient systems recover heat that normally would be wasted in an electricity generator, and save the fuel that would otherwise be used to produce heat or steam in a separate unit.

Currently, CHP systems:

  • Produce almost 12% of U.S. electric power;
  • Still save building and industry owners over $5 billion/year in energy costs;
  • Decrease energy use by almost 1.3 trillion BTUs/year;
  • Pest control guide
  • Reduce NOx emissions by 0.4 million tons/year;
  • Reduce SO2 emissions by over 0.9 million tons/year;
  • Prevent release of over 35 million metric tons of carbon equivalent into the atmosphere



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