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D.O.E. Releases Industrial Energy Efficiency Barriers Study

from U.S. Department of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released the Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency today, prepared as directed by the American Energy Manufacturing Technical Corrections Act (Act). CHP Association lead the responses for the CHP industry, submitting detailed comments to the draft version of the report.

According to the notice of release from DOE, the report—including the accompanying study (Appendix A)—examines barriers that impede the adoption of energy efficient technologies and practices in the industrial sector, and identifies successful examples and opportunities to overcome these barriers. Three groups of energy efficiency technologies and measures were examined:

  • Industrial end-use energy efficiency,
  • Industrial demand response, and
  • Industrial CHP.

The report also includes the estimated economic benefits from hypothetical Federal energy efficiency matching grants, as directed by the Act. The conclusions of this collaborative effort emphasize the important role that industrial energy efficiency has in the United States and highlight its potential to continue to assist American industrial sectors with being strong, clean, and efficient for decades to come. For any questions about the report please contact CHP Association.


Click here to view the Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency Study

Click here to view the Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency Report to Congress