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Industry Reports

CHPA’s library of reports and market studies includes qualitative and quantitative assessments of national, state, regional, and local trends related to combined heat and power deployment.



ACEEE – Change Is in the Air: How States Can Harness Energy Efficiency to Strengthen the Economy and Reduce Pollution

Business Council for Sustainable Energy – 2014 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook

Reviving PURPA – Setting Fair Prices for Clean Energy

State & Local Energy Efficiency Action Network: Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) & CHP Working Group CHP Regulatory Recommendations

ORNL – Making Industry Part of the Climate Solution: Policy Options to Promote Energy Efficiency

IEA – Technology Roadmaps – Energy-efficient Buildings: Heating and Cooling Equipment

IEA – Report on Cogeneration and Renewables


General Resources
DOE Distributed Energy Case Study Database

Installing Distributed Energy (for homeowners and small businesses)


Industry Reports

September 2012
Coal Retirements and the CHP Investment Opportunity


August 2012
Combined Heat and Power: A Clean Energy Solution


October 2011
Assessing the Role of Distributed Power Systems in the U.S. Power Sector

Opportunities for Combined Heat and Power at Wastewater Treatment Facilities: Market Analysis and Lessons from the Field


September 2011
Challenges Facing Combined Heat and Power Today: A State-by-State Assessment


October 2010